Saturday, April 14, 2007

What is Rush saying about "Liberal" today?

expose lockstep

You have seen how the liberal mind-set connected dots that didn't exist.

We have had so many created truths, we have had so many liberal clichés, so much PC claptrap repeated and repeated, as though we've never lost this many soldiers in a war before, as though we've never screwed up this badly in a war before, as though there was never any reason for this war because the president of the United States is the equivalent of Hitler.

The stretch is maybe, after this Duke business, and after the media creation of "truths without facts," a truth without a single fact, people have now seen how the liberal mind-set works. It connects dots where there are no dots.

So there you have it. The Reverend Sharpton has set himself up, and the liberals have made Reverend Sharpton.

If it weren't for liberalism and the various constituencies of the Democratic Party needing the black vote and the women's vote and the labor vote and the homosexual vote, whatever else their constituency groups are, Reverend Jackson and Sharpton wouldn't be any more powerful than anybody else is. But they have been created. They have been granted seats at the Democrat Party power table in exchange for delivering votes, and now all of a sudden they're turning on the people who made them.

Is there a black anchor on any of the three evening newscasts? Is there a black anchor on CNN in primetime? Is there a black anchor on MSNBC in primetime? No, there's not. No, why would that be? Reverend Jackson has brilliant point here. CNN, MSNBC, the home of good liberals! These are the crême de la crème. These are the most sensitive among us. These are Drive-By Media liberals. These the ones who understand the struggle, the civil rights community. They're "down for that struggle." They're doing everything they can to promote racial harmony and equality and so forth -- except in their own houses and in their own offices.

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